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We believe:

  • that students should drive their own learning

  • that students are excited to learn and want to hold themselves accountable to their own high expectations

  • that our role as educators is to create a learning environment that matches our students' excitement and that helps our students identify for themselves the relevance of what they're learning

If you believe these things, and are looking for a support network comprised of people who want to share ideas and put these beliefs into practice...


TransformEdu is here for you.  


TransformEdu works with college educators who want to transform their classrooms into energizing and engaging spaces for everyone involved to develop holistic, intentional and collaborative teaching practices.

What students are saying


“I love the way this class is set up so that the students had the freedom and ability to provide their input... because it felt more like the student was able to control their learning environment, which was an extremely effective way to better understand the material… the projects and homework were never really work because I enjoyed doing them so much.”


“This was one of the first classes where I felt like I learned the material and also learned how to apply the material to my own life. We dove into some deep topics that had real relevance and gave us the tools and the confidence that we do have the power to affect change in the world today… I think it's a telling sign that students in this class are actively engaging others outside of the classroom in discussions that take place in the classroom.”


‘This class did not force me to engage, it compelled me to engage… I was motivated to go and do readings and more research on my own.”