TransformEdu begins with a simple idea:  learning, true learning, the kind that sticks and makes an impact long after a test is taken and class is over, can take as many forms as there are people in the room.  You've heard all the buzzwords before: differentiated learning, personalized learning, student-centered learning, experiential learning, project-based learning, community-based learning...

We at TransformEdu have heard them, too, and embrace the practices associated with these pedagogies that aim to put power into our students' hands and relevance at the center of our classes. What we most hope to do is make these practices and pedagogies come to life for you, in ways that are concrete, tangible, realistic and do-able and that start from your own sense of who YOU are in the classroom. We know how deeply you care about your students and your subject matter.  We know that you are in the education business because you have experienced the incomparable power of the a-ha moment, the moment when the learning becomes real and important and connected to your students' sense of who they are and who they would like to become.  When you've experienced that kind of power, when you know how alive the learning process can feel, it's just plain soul-crushing when fatigue takes over the classroom, when you catch students yawning and checking their Facebook and looking like they want to be anywhere but in class. 


We know how soul-crushing that feels.  We've been there.

We also know how energizing and exciting it feels when everyone is invested in the course material, when the material takes on layers and contours that we have never imagined before, when we have an a-ha moment about the stuff we've been living in the midst of for so long, when we learn something completely and utterly new.  We know the magic of unanticipated discovery.  It's the reason we're in higher education.

For us, authenticity is key, for you and your students. We are not pushers of rubrics or templates, though we do ascribe to the philosophy that any resource that begins with the goal of connecting students with their learning and that puts them at the center of the learning process is worth adding to our toolbox.  We want to share strategies that have worked for us to bring the energy and life back into our classrooms, strategies that have helped us to re-engage with our students and our subjects and have resulted in learning that follows our students beyond the classroom. We want to help you envision and achieve a rigorous and autonomous classroom culture that matches your own sense of possibility.